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Item Fixed Price Market Price Your Price Crafting Disabled
Adamantium Fishing Rod
Adamantium Ingot
Albert's Fishing Tackle 0
Albert's Special Bait
Alchemist's Stone
Anarchy Stone 0
Ancient Book Box of Monks 0
Animal Replica
Antidote [I] 1,500
Antidote [II] 4,000
Antidote [III]
Antidote [IV]
Antidote [V]
Antidote [VI]
Artisan Crafting Secrets 0
Artisan's Soul 20,000
Ashen Crystal 8,000
Ashen Jewel
Assassin's Charm [II]
Atlantis Gold Coin 0
Atlantis Silver Coin 0
Atlas Ore 0
Auto Fishing Doll MK-1
Auto Fishing Doll MK-2
Auto Fishing Doll MK-3
Auto-Craft Doll MK-1
Auto-Craft Doll MK-2
Auto-Craft Doll MK-3
Awakening Scroll [IV]
Awakening Scroll [V]
Ballpen 272,000
Bamboo Fishing Rod
Barley 100
Barley Bibimbap
Bay Salt 3,000
Bean 100
Beef 300
Best Bait
Big Slab of Lumber 5,000
Blue Quill 3,000
Blue Sapphire 0
Book of Anguish 20,000
Book of Craftsmanship 0
Book of Knowledge 5,000
Book of Wisdom 10,000
Book: Abyssal Refrain [I] 0
Book: Abyssal Refrain [II]
Book: Abyssal Refrain [III]
Book: Agile Counter [I] 20,000
Book: Agile Counter [II]
Book: Agile Counter [III]
Book: Aquatic Barrier [I] 0
Book: Aquatic Barrier [II]
Book: Aquatic Barrier [III]
Book: Arms of Atlantis [I] 0
Book: Arms of Atlantis [II]
Book: Arms of Atlantis [III]
Book: Arrest [I] 0
Book: Arrest [II]
Book: Arrest [III]
Book: Arrow Cascade [I] 0
Book: Arrow Cascade [II]
Book: Arrow Cascade [III]
Book: Athena's Protection [I] 0
Book: Athena's Protection [II]
Book: Athena's Protection [III]
Book: Awakening [I] 10,000
Book: Awakening [II]
Book: Awakening [III]
Book: Battlefield Courage [I] 0
Book: Battlefield Courage [II]
Book: Battlefield Courage [III]
Book: Beast Summon [I] 0
Book: Beast Summon [II]
Book: Beast Summon [III]
Book: Beast's Soul [I] 0
Book: Beast's Soul [II]
Book: Beast's Soul [III]
Book: Beating Sun [I] 0
Book: Beating Sun [II]
Book: Beating Sun [III]
Book: Blazing Earth [I] 0
Book: Blazing Earth [II]
Book: Blazing Earth [III]
Book: Blessing of Life [I] 5,000
Book: Blessing of Life [II]
Book: Blessing of Life [III]
Book: Blood Curse [I] 0
Book: Blood Curse [II]
Book: Blood Curse [III]
Book: Blood Vendetta [I] 0
Book: Blood Vendetta [II]
Book: Blood Vendetta [III]
Book: Blood Vengeance [I] 0
Book: Blood Vengeance [II]
Book: Blood Vengeance [III]
Book: Bloody Strings [I] 0
Book: Bloody Strings [II]
Book: Bloody Strings [III]
Book: Break Down [I] 10,000
Book: Break Down [II]
Book: Break Down [III]
Book: Broken Arrows [I] 0
Book: Broken Arrows [II]
Book: Broken Arrows [III]
Book: Broken Spear [I] 0
Book: Broken Spear [II]
Book: Broken Spear [III]
Book: Brutal Will [I] 0
Book: Brutal Will [II]
Book: Brutal Will [III]
Book: Burning Essence [I] 0
Book: Burning Essence [II]
Book: Burning Essence [III]
Book: Camaraderie [I] 0
Book: Camaraderie [II]
Book: Camaraderie [III]
Book: Carnage [I] 0
Book: Carnage [II]
Book: Carnage [III]
Book: Celestial Venom [I] 0
Book: Celestial Venom [II]
Book: Celestial Venom [III]
Book: Chainsaw Blade [I] 400,000
Book: Chainsaw Blade [II]
Book: Chainsaw Blade [III]
Book: Chaos Edge [I] 0
Book: Chaos Edge [II]
Book: Chaos Edge [III]
Book: Chaos Wind [I] 10,000
Book: Chaos Wind [II]
Book: Chaos Wind [III]
Book: Chione's Fury [I] 0
Book: Chione's Fury [II]
Book: Chione's Fury [III]
Book: Cleaving Blows [I] 0
Book: Cleaving Blows [II]
Book: Cleaving Blows [III]
Book: Concentrate [I] 0
Book: Concentrate [II]
Book: Concentrate [III]
Book: Crimson Blade [I] 0
Book: Crimson Blade [II]
Book: Crimson Blade [III]
Book: Curse of Strings [I] 0
Book: Curse of Strings [II]
Book: Curse of Strings [III]
Book: Dark Mists [I] 0
Book: Dark Mists [II]
Book: Dark Mists [III]
Book: Dark Seed [I] 0
Book: Dark Seed [II]
Book: Dark Seed [III]
Book: Dawn Harmony [I] 0
Book: Dawn Harmony [II]
Book: Dawn Harmony [III]
Book: Deadly Shot [I] 0
Book: Deadly Shot [II]
Book: Deadly Shot [III]
Book: Deadly Strike [I] 0
Book: Deadly Strike [II]
Book: Deadly Strike [III]
Book: Deep Insight [I] 5,000
Book: Deep Insight [II]
Book: Deep Insight [III]
Book: Dell'arte [I] 0
Book: Dell'arte [II]
Book: Dell'arte [III]
Book: Demeian Tactics [I] 0
Book: Demeian Tactics [II]
Book: Demeian Tactics [III]
Book: Demoralize [I] 0
Book: Demoralize [II]
Book: Demoralize [III]
Book: Destructive Instinct [I] 0
Book: Destructive Instinct [II]
Book: Destructive Instinct [III]
Book: Devastation Shell [I] 0
Book: Devastation Shell [II]
Book: Devastation Shell [III]
Book: Direct Current [I] 5,000
Book: Direct Current [II]
Book: Direct Current [III]
Book: Dischord [I] 0
Book: Dischord [II]
Book: Dischord [III]
Book: Divine Thunder [I] 5,000
Book: Divine Thunder [II]
Book: Divine Thunder [III]
Book: Divine Will [I] 0
Book: Divine Will [II]
Book: Divine Will [III]
Book: Dusk Elegy [I] 0
Book: Dusk Elegy [II]
Book: Dusk Elegy [III]
Book: Electron Field [I] 5,000
Book: Electron Field [II]
Book: Electron Field [III]
Book: Empowered Aura [I] 0
Book: Empowered Aura [II]
Book: Empowered Aura [III]
Book: Empowering Control [I] 0
Book: Empowering Control [II]
Book: Empowering Control [III]
Book: Empress' Blessing [I] 0
Book: Empress' Blessing [II]
Book: Empress' Blessing [III]
Book: Empress' Curse [I] 0
Book: Empress' Curse [II]
Book: Empress' Curse [III]
Book: Evanescent Scud [I] 10,000
Book: Evanescent Scud [II]
Book: Evanescent Scud [III]
Book: Family Signet [I] 0
Book: Family Signet [II]
Book: Family Signet [III]
Book: Fatal Flourish [I] 0
Book: Fatal Flourish [II]
Book: Fatal Flourish [III]
Book: Flame Blow [I] 0
Book: Flame Blow [II]
Book: Flame Blow [III]
Book: Flame Spear [I] 0
Book: Flame Spear [II]
Book: Flame Spear [III]
Book: Flame Sword [I] 5,000
Book: Flame Sword [II]
Book: Flame Sword [III]
Book: Flashbang [I] 0
Book: Flashbang [II]
Book: Flashbang [III]
Book: Forest Prison [I] 0
Book: Forest Prison [II]
Book: Forest Prison [III]
Book: Freezing Atmosphere [I] 0
Book: Freezing Atmosphere [II]
Book: Freezing Atmosphere [III]
Book: Freezing Axe [I] 5,000
Book: Freezing Axe [II]
Book: Freezing Axe [III]
Book: Gift of Prometheus [I] 0
Book: Gift of Prometheus [II]
Book: Gift of Prometheus [III]
Book: Green Dragon Glaive [I] 0
Book: Green Dragon Glaive [II]
Book: Green Dragon Glaive [III]
Book: Green Dragon Strike [I] 0
Book: Green Dragon Strike [II]
Book: Green Dragon Strike [III]
Book: Green Dragon's Rage [I] 0
Book: Green Dragon's Rage [II]
Book: Green Dragon's Rage [III]
Book: Guard Dispel [I] 0
Book: Hallucination [I] 0
Book: Hallucination [II]
Book: Hallucination [III]
Book: Healing [I] 0
Book: Healing [II]
Book: Healing [III]
Book: Healing Pulse [I] 0
Book: Healing Pulse [II]
Book: Healing Pulse [III]
Book: Heaven's Fury [I] 5,000
Book: Heaven's Fury [II]
Book: Heaven's Fury [III]
Book: Hex of Darkness [I] 5,000
Book: Hex of Darkness [II]
Book: Hex of Darkness [III]
Book: Holy Guard [I] 5,000
Book: Holy Guard [II]
Book: Holy Guard [III]
Book: Hunter's Mark [I] 10,000
Book: Hunter's Mark [II]
Book: Hunter's Mark [III]
Book: Hwarang's Aura [I] 0
Book: Hwarang's Aura [II]
Book: Hwarang's Aura [III]
Book: Hwarang's Fury [I] 0
Book: Hwarang's Fury [II]
Book: Hwarang's Fury [III]
Book: Ice Ridge Axe [I] 200,000
Book: Ice Ridge Axe [II]
Book: Ice Ridge Axe [III]
Book: Imperial Signet [I] 0
Book: Imperial Signet [II]
Book: Imperial Signet [III]
Book: Impulse [I] 5,000
Book: Impulse [II]
Book: Impulse [III]
Book: Light Slash [I] 0
Book: Light Slash [II]
Book: Light Slash [III]
Book: Lightning Lash [I] 5,000
Book: Lightning Lash [II]
Book: Lightning Lash[III]
Book: Lightning Spear [I] 5,000
Book: Lightning Spear [II]
Book: Lightning Spear [III]
Book: Mana Burn [I] 0
Book: Mana Burn [II]
Book: Mana Burn [III]
Book: Mana Drain [I] 5,000
Book: Mana Drain [II]
Book: Mana Drain [III]
Book: Mana Recharge [I] 10,000
Book: Mana Recharge [II]
Book: Mana Recharge [III]
Book: Mana Seal [I] 0
Book: Mana Seal [II]
Book: Mana Seal [III]
Book: Mana Shield [I] 50,000
Book: Mana Shield [II]
Book: Mana Trap [I] 10,000
Book: Mana Trap [II]
Book: Mana Trap [III]
Book: Marauder's Edge [I] 0
Book: Marauder's Edge [II]
Book: Marauder's Edge [III]
Book: Masquerade [I] 0
Book: Masquerade [II]
Book: Masquerade [III]
Book: Melody of Madness [I] 10,000
Book: Melody of Madness [II]
Book: Melody of Madness [III]
Book: Meteor Strike [I] 10,000
Book: Meteor Strike [II]
Book: Meteor Strike [III]
Book: Morale Boost [I] 0
Book: Morale Boost [II]
Book: Morale Boost [III]
Book: Mother Hulda [I] 0
Book: Mother Hulda [II]
Book: Mother Hulda [III]
Book: Multi Arrow [I] 200,000
Book: Multi Arrow [II]
Book: Multi Arrow [III]
Book: Musicians of Bremen [I] 0
Book: Musicians of Bremen [II]
Book: Musicians of Bremen [III]
Book: Noble Sacrifice [I] 0
Book: Noble Sacrifice [II]
Book: Noble Sacrifice [III]
Book: Ocean Blessing [I] 0
Book: Ocean Blessing [II]
Book: Ocean Blessing [III]
Book: Odin's Chain [I] 0
Book: Odin's Chain [II]
Book: Odin's Chain [III]
Book: Oriharukon Core [I] 0
Book: Oriharukon Core [II]
Book: Oriharukon Core [III]
Book: Parting Shot [I] 20,000
Book: Parting Shot [II]
Book: Parting Shot [III]
Book: Patriotic Resolve [I] 0
Book: Patriotic Resolve [II]
Book: Patriotic Resolve [III]
Book: Piercing Arrow [I] 0
Book: Piercing Arrow [II]
Book: Piercing Arrow [III]
Book: Power Saw Raid [I] 0
Book: Power Saw Raid [II]
Book: Power Saw Raid [III]
Book: Preemptive Strike [I] 0
Book: Preemptive Strike [II]
Book: Preemptive Strike [III]
Book: Primal Monsoon [I] 0
Book: Primal Monsoon [II]
Book: Primal Monsoon [III]
Book: Princess' Order [I] 0
Book: Princess' Order [II]
Book: Princess' Order [III]
Book: Protect [I] 10,000
Book: Protect [II]
Book: Protect [III]
Book: Purifying Path [I] 0
Book: Purifying Path [II]
Book: Purifying Path [III]
Book: Quickening [I] 0
Book: Quickening [II]
Book: Quickening [III]
Book: Rally [I] 0
Book: Rally [II]
Book: Rally [III]
Book: Ravaging Melody [I] 5,000
Book: Ravaging Melody [II]
Book: Ravaging Melody [III]
Book: Red Riding Hood [I] 0
Book: Red Riding Hood [II]
Book: Red Riding Hood [III]
Book: Requiem [I] 0
Book: Requiem [II]
Book: Requiem [III]
Book: Resurrection [I] 0
Book: Resurrection [II]
Book: Resurrection [III]
Book: Retribution [I] 0
Book: Retribution [II]
Book: Retribution [III]
Book: Revolver Rush [I] 0
Book: Revolver Rush [II]
Book: Revolver Rush [III]
Book: Righteous Bolt [I] 0
Book: Righteous Bolt [II]
Book: Righteous Bolt [III]
Book: Royal Signet [I] 0
Book: Royal Signet [II]
Book: Royal Signet [III]
Book: Rusty Axe [I] 0
Book: Rusty Axe [II]
Book: Rusty Axe [III]
Book: Sacrificial Awakening [I] 0
Book: Sacrificial Awakening [II]
Book: Sacrificial Awakening [III]
Book: Salvation [I] 0
Book: Salvation [II]
Book: Salvation [III]
Book: Scorching Bullets [I] 0
Book: Scorching Bullets [II]
Book: Scorching Bullets [III]
Book: Seal Instrument [I] 0
Book: Seal Instrument [II]
Book: Seal Instrument [III]
Book: Seal Power Saw [I] 0
Book: Seal Power Saw [II]
Book: Seal Power Saw [III]
Book: Seal Staff [I] 0
Book: Seal Staff [II]
Book: Seal Staff [III]
Book: Seth's Will [I] 0
Book: Seth's Will [II]
Book: Seth's Will [III]
Book: Shattered Sword [I] 0
Book: Shattered Sword [II]
Book: Shattered Sword [III]
Book: Shield Bash [I] 0
Book: Shield Bash [II]
Book: Shield Bash [III]
Book: Shield of Protection [I] 0
Book: Shield of Protection [II]
Book: Shield of Protection [III]
Book: Shooting Stance [I] 0
Book: Shooting Stance [II]
Book: Shooting Stance [III]
Book: Silence [I] 5,000
Book: Silence [II]
Book: Silence [III]
Book: Smoke Bomb [I] 0
Book: Smoke Bomb [II]
Book: Smoke Bomb [III]
Book: Sparta [I] 0
Book: Sparta [II]
Book: Sparta [III]
Book: Speed Cast [I] 0
Book: Speed Cast [II]
Book: Speed Cast [III]
Book: Spirit Echo [I] 0
Book: Spirit Echo [II]
Book: Spirit Echo [III]
Book: Star Spite [I] 0
Book: Star Spite [II]
Book: Star Spite [III]
Book: Static Shield [I] 5,000
Book: Static Shield [II]
Book: Static Shield [III]
Book: Steady Stance [I] 0
Book: Steady Stance [II]
Book: Steady Stance [III]
Book: Stellar Hunt [I] 0
Book: Stellar Hunt [II]
Book: Stellar Hunt [III]
Book: Storm Blast [I] 200,000
Book: Storm Blast [II]
Book: Storm Blast [III]
Book: Storm Master [I] 0
Book: Storm Master [II]
Book: Storm Master [III]
Book: Summon Machine [I] 0
Book: Summon Machine [II]
Book: Summon Machine [III]
Book: Sundered Power Saw [I] 0
Book: Sundered Power Saw [II]
Book: Sundered Power Saw [III]
Book: Tarkan's Will [I] 0
Book: Tarkan's Will [II]
Book: Tarkan's Will [III]
Book: Tempest Spirit [I] 0
Book: Tempest Spirit [II]
Book: Tempest Spirit [III]
Book: Thunder Soul [I] 0
Book: Thunder Soul [II]
Book: Thunder Soul [III]
Book: Thunderbolt Slash [I] 0
Book: Thunderbolt Slash [II]
Book: Thunderbolt Slash [III]
Book: Toxic Sword [I] 0
Book: Toxic Sword [II]
Book: Toxic Sword [III]
Book: Tribal Signet [I] 0
Book: Tribal Signet [II]
Book: Tribal Signet [III]
Book: Unstoppable [I] 0
Book: Unstoppable [II]
Book: Unstoppable [III]
Book: Valhalla's Sword [I] 0
Book: Valhalla's Sword [II]
Book: Valhalla's Sword [III]
Book: Vampiric Thirst [I] 0
Book: Vampiric Thirst [II]
Book: Vampiric Thirst [III]
Book: Vital Seal [I] 0
Book: Vital Seal [II]
Book: Vital Seal [III]
Book: Volkhova's Elation [I] 0
Book: Volkhova's Elation [II]
Book: Volkhova's Elation [III]
Book: Vortex [I] 0
Book: Vortex [II]
Book: Vortex [III]
Book: War Cry [I] 0
Book: War Cry [II]
Book: War Cry [III]
Book: Warrior's Rage [I] 0
Book: Warrior's Rage [II]
Book: Warrior's Rage [III]
Book: Watchful Soul [II]
Book: Watchful Soul [III]
Book: Watchful Soul[I] 0
Book: Weapon Rend [I] 0
Book: Weapon Rend [II]
Book: Weapon Rend [III]
Book: Wild Shot [I] 5,000
Book: Wild Shot [II]
Book: Wild Shot [III]
Broken Ammunition 0
Broken Animal Bones 300
Broken Cannonball 0
Brown Rice 12,000
Brush 43,200
Carp 300
Carrot 100
Chicken 300
Chinese Paper 7,200
Chrysanthemum 300
Colorful Fabric 50,000
Colorful Thread 10,000
Common Bait
Common Gunpowder 2,000
Copper Ore 300
Coral 100
Corrupted Unicorn Tear 0
Craftsman's Soul 300,000
Crazy Lord's Seal 0
Crude Bait
Crystal of Anguish
Crystal of Darkness 0
Crystal of Knowledge
Crystal of Temptation 0
Crystal of Wisdom
Cucumber 100
Cyclamen 1,000
Deep Sea Pearl 0
Deluxe Ink Bottle 6,500
Depraved Seed 0
Destroyer's Charm [II]
Dogwood Fruit 100
Dragon Crystal 350,000
Dragon God's Ire 1,000,000
Dragon God's Wishstone 0
Dragon Jewel
Dragon Soul Crystal
Drawing Paper 187,000
Dumpling 1,000
Earth Element 33,000
Earth Element Shard 100
Earth Essence 1,000,000
Elixir [I]
Elixir [II]
Elixir [III]
Elixir [IV]
Elixir [V]
Elixir [VI]
Embroidery Thread 300
Enchant Stone [I] 1,000
Enchant Stone [II] 15,000
Enchant Stone [III] 50,000
Enchant Stone [IV] 0
Enchant Stone [V] 0
Enchant Stone [VI] 0
Energy of Atmosphere 10,000
Energy of Hail 40,000
Energy of Sky 80,000
Energy of Wind 20,000
Enhanced Titanium Ingot
Enriched Adamantium Arrow
Enriched Adamantium Bullet
Enriched Adamantium Cannonball
Enriched Adamantium Ingot
Enriched Adamantium Music Sheet
Enriched Bullet
Evil Imprint 0
Evil Soul Extract 200,000
Evil-Slaying Arrow 0
Expert's Soul 3,000,000
Explosive Cannonball
Flame Element 250,000
Flame Element Shard 4,500
Fountain Pen 162,500
Fragrant Spice 0
Frozen Soul 50,000
Fusain 14,600
Fused Devil Stone
Fusing Agent 2,000
Garlic 200
Ghost Mask 100,000
Giant Crystal 80,000
Giant Jewel
Giant Soul Crystal
Giant Soul Jewel
Gilgamesh's Sword Shard 280,000
Ginkgo Wood 12,000
Ginseng 100
Glue 500
Gold Dragon Scale 150,000
Gold Ingot 2,000
Gold Thread 3,000
Gorgeous Colorful Fabric
Green Mold 200
Grilled Pork 1,200
Growth Vial [II] 30,000
Growth Vial [III]
Growth Vial [IV]
Growth Vial [V]
Guardian Stone [III]
Hammer [I] 100
Hammer [II] 1,500
Hammer [III] 3,000
Healing Potion [I] 1,500
Healing Potion [II] 8,000
Healing Potion [III]
Healing Potion [IV]
Healing Potion [V]
Healing Potion [VI]
Heavenly Crystal 0
Hero's Blood 400,000
Honey 100
Hydra's Poisonous Gland 0
Imitation Oriharukon
Iron Fishing Rod
Iron Sand 200
Ivory 500
Jasmine 300
Large Animal Bone 10,000
Large Diamond
Lemon 5,000
Life Potion [I] 1,500
Life Potion [III] 8,000
Life Potion [IV] 16,000
Life Potion [V]
Life Potion [VI]
Life Potion[II] 3,000
Light of Judgment 0
Machine: Search Robot VC1
Magic Parchment 703,000
Magic Pen 566,000
Magical Ink Bottle 80,000
Magnetite 12,000
Mana Potion [I] 1,500
Mana Potion [II] 8,000
Mana Potion [III]
Mana Potion [IV]
Mana Potion [V]
Mana Potion [VI]
Mandragora 0
Maple 100
Maple Fishing Rod
Mediocre Bait
Mint 12,000
Mithril Fishing Rod
Monster Egg 10,000
Mukti Scale 0
Multi-Hued Crystal
Multi-Hued Crystal Shard
Multi-Hued Ink Bottle
Multi-Hued Jewel
Multi-Hued Jewel Shard
Multi-Hued Parchment
Multi-Hued Pen
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal
Mushroom 200
Mutton 500
Mysterious Vial: Death 800,000
Mysterious Vial: Valor 500,000
Mysterious Vial: Wisdom 650,000
Mystic Gem 0
Necklace Mold 200,000
Normal Crafting Secrets 0
Normal Dynamite
Obsidian Shard 0
Octopus 100
Oil 3,000
Opal 20,000
Oriental Mushroom 80,000
Oriharukon 0
Ornate Ink Bottle 13,000
Papyrus 3,600
Parchment 26,000
Pearl 500
Pegasus Tear 0
Phoenix Crystal 80,000
Phoenix Jewel
Phoenix Soul Crystal
Phoenix Soul Jewel
Phoenix's Feather 0
Pine 500
Platinum Ingot 10,000
Polish 4,000
Pork 100
Potato 100
Powder of Musk 100,000
Precious Brown Rice 0
Precious Ginkgo Wood 0
Precious Magnetite 0
Precious Mint 0
Quality Brown Rice 200,000
Quality Ginkgo Wood 200,000
Quality Ink Bottle 3,600
Quality Magnetite 200,000
Quality Mint 200,000
Quill 76,000
Rare Brown Rice 500,000
Rare Ginkgo Wood 500,000
Rare Magnetite 500,000
Rare Mint 500,000
Redemption Crystal 80,000
Redemption Jewel
Redemption Soul Crystal
Redemption Soul Jewel
Refined Mithril Ingot
Revival Plant 20,000
Root of Life 0
Ruby 30,000
Salt 100
Savior's Charm [II]
Scroll of Dispel [IV]
Scroll of Dispel [V]
Scroll of Purification [IV]
Scroll of Purification [V]
Sea Element 110,000
Sea Element Shard 1,000
Secret Vial of Potential [I] 0
Sesame Oil 500
Sharpened Claw 100,000
Shimmering Opal 0
Shimmering Sapphire 0
Shiny Ink Bottle 29,000
Shrimp 100
Silver Ingot 1,000
Silver Thread 1,000
Simmered Carp
Slab of Lumber 1,000
Small Bolt
Small Ink Bottle 1,500
Small Lever
Small Marionette 0
Sorcerer's Mask 0
Spoiled Bait
Storm Element 750,000
Storm Element Shard 11,000
Strong Fishhook
Strong Fishing Line
Sturdy Fishhook
Sturdy Fishing Line
Tai Hua Gong's Special Sauce 0
Tanzanite 5,000
Thick Animal Bone 5,000
Thick Fishhook
Thick Fishing Line
Thick Tree Branch 300
Thin Fishhook
Thin Fishing Line
Thin Rayon 20,000
Thread 100
Titanium Fishing Rod
Titanium Ingot
Titanium Ore 45,000
Van Gogh's Soul Stone 0
Vindictive Soul Imprint 350,000
Vulcan's Hammer 0
Warrior's Sign 200,000
Weak Dynamite
Weak Gunpowder 100
Weapon & Armor Mold 500,000
Whatman Paper 88,000
Wheat 100
Wiseman's Golden Ink Bottle
Wiseman's Golden Parchment
Wiseman's Golden Pen
Yellow Paper 2,200
Yggdrasil's Fruit 0
Yggdrasil's Leaf 0